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Show me your booth

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There has been a bit of discussion lately about booths and sales. Sales are as much a part of blacksmithing as forging. Through sales we support our habit, errrrrrr profession.(yeah that's the ticket!) So post pics of your booth here. If you have a new display you have built, show it here. Let this be the place to show off your ingenuity when it comes to sales. Share your best sales pitch, whatever you'd like, as long as it is about sales.

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That's a neat little shop you've got there at the Ranch!

Here's some of mine, both from the recent faire thread and also from last year's Ishpeming Ren Fest and the Fox Lake medieval faire (the daggers and knives are from the guy I shared a booth with at those two venues.) The Ishpeming (picture-032) and F.L. (hf28 & hf27) pictures show how I've managed to refine my presentation by Ironwood (dsc04975 & dsc04978).






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I will post some pics later next week, I have a Highland show to do on Wed. I did one the other week and forgot to take some pics. whoops! My biggest sales pitch so far has been my partner declaring- ''It's the lady who is the Blacksmith, I just do as I am told, as she usually has a hammer in her hand, and you don't argue with a Lady with a hammer in her hand!" which generally invokes laughter and then conversation about whichever item the customer is looking at.
When I have done a fair, I generally use a plain cloth over a table (calico canvas sheet- which I normally paint on, but serves as a pretty useful neutral background) and a couple of tree stumps to put items on.
I will post some pics in a couple of days of my gallery/showroom which is painted white... bit boring really, but it shows off black metal in a classical way.

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I like your booth, but I love the gallery. It takes so much work to get things as you want them and to keep it all fresh looking. Nice work.


You do some really good work there. I like your demo set up.
I'll be doing a show on August 11th I'll be sure to take some pics of the new booth set up.

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This past Saturday we went to Cranfills Gap Texas. They had Septemberfest and a wild game cook off. What a hoot! We had a ball. Made some friends and sold a bit as well. This is how our booth looked with the my redesigned canopy. I had rebuilt the canopy over the summer and the wife made the canvas top. I used Irns design for the posts to rope off my forging area. (thanks Irn, they worked great!)





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Took awhile to find the thread, Sorry it took so long to answer but the pictures had to be scanned in and resized. I have pictures from April of this year and October. The October show was a 10 day show so I took more tools/equipment than usual.
In the April pictures I am on the porch of a general store. BBBig:oplate glass windows. Nervous the whole time. October I had a 10x20 canopy and open on three side much better.









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Man that's awesome!!!

You can really tell you went to a lot of time, trouble and expense to make your rig look great. Thanks a lot! Now have to work just THAT much harder! ;)
Honestlt though that is a realy nice looking booth.


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This is kinda different, but i think it applies to this thread.

I am gonna have to have surgery here real soon and so I had to end my craft show season early this year. But I still needed a way to generate some income. So I rented a booth at a local mini mall.

Here are some pics of my initial set up there.
I bought the glass case at a local pawn shop and built the stand it is sitting on.




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