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Life size figurine for displaying fine silks

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Hello Everyone,


We finished this piece in late March 


The first drawing is of an idea for a sculpture to be turned into a 3D life size or about 6 foot 2 inch piece.


The second picture is of Noe one of our Mexican students cleaning up the details of the scupture.


Third picture is getting close to being finished.


Fourth is the back details.


Fifth is with the disc bases attached and final sanding to avoid any rough areas that might snag the fine silks.


And the final 3 pics are of the sculpture installed.


We moved our primary production facility to San Miguel de Allende where we live and have been training locals in our way of forging metal.


Let us know what you think.


Very Best Regards,




ps...we need to shoot some pics against a white background without silk








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Thanks Guys,  We had a production facility in Pittsbourg for 12 years and have moved most of our production to where I am living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico.


This was a fun project, but took 3 times as long as we had planned...about 5 weeks and of that 2 weeks were just for cleaning up the welds and smoothing edges...amazing how many times we went over the piece thinking all the rough stuff was gone, only to continue to find things that could snag the US$450 silks.


Very Best Regards,



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