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Tearing down/cleaning Champion blower

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A guy gave me this blower a few years ago, and it's sat around in my barn not being used, because I was using something else.

Well, I've decided I'd like to put it into service soon, so before using it I decided to pull it apart and clean it up, and check out the innards, didn't want to start using it just to perpetuate some problem.


Well I was happy to find that there seemed to be no problems. Everything turned smoothly and cranked well. The bolts holding it together were fairly well frozen up, but some liberal applications of liquid wrench and several heat cycles with a torch loosend them up easily enough.




Only thing I can't figger is how to pull the gears from the gear case. It looks like there's a set screw and a key holding the drive gear in; but after removing the set screw, and giving a few whacks to the drive shaft, nothing moved. And I don't want to start wailing away on anything I'm unsure of.













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Thanks Tanto, I found a pin that was holding in the drive gear I'd missed earlier. 

I pulled it out and thus was able to remove the drive gear. Since nothing needed fixing, I decided to just to clean out the inside of the gear casing as it was without removing all the gears.



Cleaned everything up, wirebrushed the ole crusty gunk and wiped it down with oil. I considered painting it, but decided I didn't want cover up the well earned patina it had.



Once it ain't raining and I have some sunlight, I'll take some better pictures of it.








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What you have is a Champion Eureka model no. 145


They are the best I have used. They are nothing short of amazing. Much more forgiving than the ball bearing filled 400. You can literally have a rusted mess and it turns like new. These will destroy steel/iron in short order, so go easy on the cranking speed.

I use one regularly, and am quite happy with it.






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If you have any questions on it I just finished restoring mine it looks very close to yours the gear box looks identical it was in a little rougher shape so I had to have it sandblasted as one of the previous owners had used some kind of sealant wax/putty for gaskets. The Drive shaft will actually come off easy find a bolt as the same thread size and you can push the bushing clean out with it. Be careful though as the threads do not go all the way in I flattened the threads on the head of a screw out by forcing it in. I was terribly worried I had messed it up but luck was with me. The upper shaft's bushings are another story you will have to have a press to push them out or a good vice. Either way be careful not to crack the case I actually just gave up trying to get it out as I could clean everything with out taking it out. Here are some pictures of my finished one. I used leather for the gaskets easy to cut and seals well.



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Where did you put these gaskets? On the gear case seam? When I pulled it apart I didn't see any remnants of gasket material, so I'm intrigued.


Thanks for the insight, I was curious as to the model, I couldn't find hardly a one like it online, and couldn't seem to find the model number or anything. No ID numbers on it at all. Any idea about when they were made? (just out of curiosity)

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I cut one to put between the 2 halves of the fan housing and one to put between the gear housing and its top. This is where I found most of the gunk I am assuming was used to seal it so I just went with leather to make some gaskets.

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