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Yeakley, what about this?

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a friend of mine sent me these photos of a hammer he saw in a garage. I don't know if it's for sale, I don't know if it's worth buying it. he says that hammer was running until few years ago.


it's a very rare sight around here, as 99.9% of the power-hammers are more recent ones.


do you have some informations about it. it's very interesting, but I wasn't able to find big deal on the net, in fact almost anything?












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I already have a 63kg ram airhammer on my shopping list, sold at scrap price, 150km nearer than that, a more spread out model and I have a friend who knows them well as he works on that type of hammers (different sizes), so he can help me make it work and install it. I would like to "collect" them, but it would be too much, as I'm already "collecting" anvils and I don't have a too big workshop. but who knows... 

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"Running a few years ago" is somewhat vague and perhaps optimistic given the look of those photos.  If I recall Yeakley was an early manufacturer of self contained hammers and like the Alldays & Onions hammer the tup was driven by pressure and vacuum above the cylinder only.  Never seen one in person thou.  


John N is our guy on the real history of self contained hammers, hopefully he will give an opinion or two.  

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