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POLL VIP Membership feeler...

VIP membership feeler  

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  1. 1. Would you be willing to support iForgeIron with a VIP Membership

    • Yes, I wouldn't mind supporting IFI with a paid membership...
    • No, I would not support IFI with a paid membership...
    • Maybe, how much we talkin here???

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I'm whole heartedly agreeing with everyones points. Maybe the VIP isn't the best course of action when it comes to building a community, however I do like the idea of donation badges... lol (we don't need no stinkin badges!!!)...


In short, this thread identifies that there are a good number of willing and able... That's a good sign that IFI has a pretty strong user base... I would never wish any changing for the worser if ya'll catch my drift, just stirring the pot as always...


Glenn, as a great many have already stated, please inform me when the next donation drive is... Our conversation via phone was cut short to a dead battery on my part. That following, day/week was mid-terms, and I regretfully forgot to call you back... However it's definitely a breath of fresh air knowing that you're not just an avatar/mod calling shots behind a keyboard, you're an actively engaged enthusiast/propagator of this craft through and through... We can't ask for a better heart running the show...

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