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I Forge Iron

Sword fighting Viking style?

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Well for starters, iron and steel swords are forged in a smithy,

not (cast) in a Foundry.

Also, how did the breaks occur?  It is well known that swords were often bent to kill their 'powers', did this break some?  Were they really broken in fighting, as the article infers?  Have swords broken at particular corrosion points during burial? 


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Dunno about these particular swords, but I've read that during certain periods it was common practice for Norse to sacrifice weapons, armor and other valuables, throwing in pits or peat bogs. The arms were sometimes intentionally damaged first.


Also, while it's true that swords from the Norse period are forged, cast swords are not unheard of in other parts of the world, particularly the cast iron Chinese swords, starting during the Han dynasty. I don't like when people mix up the terms either.

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