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Big Knife W.I.P.


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Hello again everyone. After a small break from crafting i started working on this knife that a friend ordered to me according to his desires and design. The knife is being made with stock removal method since no fire and anvil could be used with the cold weather at the yard.

The blade is made from leaf spring and is 21cm long. The handle is 12cm long. the wood for the handle is oak. the pins and bolster are bronze.


Hope you like it so far.



here's the blade and handle at the grinding phase to make the bevels etc. the marker lines shows how the bevel grinding will go.





here's the mosaic pins to look like rhombus (diamond) shape after glued in place.



Making some file work on the spine of the handle .



and some more file work on the wood plates of the handle.



More work coming soon. Hope you all like it.any comments welcome.

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Private, i really dont know and cant understand why he wants this design in total. not only in the grip. I explained lots of times that this may be an obstacle while he is using it be he says it feels ok at his hand. So, if he wants it like this i can say no more :)


Thomas i appreciate that you answered, even if it was with a bit of sarcasm.  :)

Soon, i'll post the completed blade photos.


Thanks all for the comments.

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