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Nimba Anvils ?

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Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has ever heard of or used an Nimba Anvil?
Just wondering how good they are? Here is their web site, they have 3 sizes, 450lb $2275, 260lb $1650, and 120lb $900, they list $ per lb on the site.
They sound pretty good, made of 8640 cast steel, not that I have that kind of money but I came across the site and just was currious.

Nimba Anvils Home Page


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Thank's, it sounded like they were a good anvil, I just am not real up on anvil makers of today, like who's good and who's not, with out seeing one any way.
I am saving money up and either gonna get a new or like new anvil and if I go with new I want to know how good all the options are.
Any recomendations?
It will probably be about a year or so before I will have enough money, just doing some window shopping right now.


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The Nimba anvils are very nice.

have a friend up here making some nice german patterned anvils. He sells quite a few of them and ships them all over.

I think he has 100 and something lbs ones, 400ish lb and 600lbs.

I'm scrapping penny's up to one day buy a 600lb.

PM me if you want his contact info.

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I have a Nimba gladiator
It is a fine anvil
The only thing that i can find any fault with at all is the pritchle hole is on the horn right where the face starts ( i just thought that was a little odd).
I went ahead and bought mine right after Jaqua passed away because i wanted to make sure that i got one that was personally dressed by him.

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