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Best of the Bits

J W Bennett

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Best of the Bits Volumes 1-5
Alabama Forge Council

While not a true book these 5 volumes taken from the Alabama Forge Council's Bituminous Bits News letters are approximately 60 pages each and have a wealth of information packed in to each one. From basic fire management to damascus steel and carved animal heads to lots and lots of tooling. These five volumes have it all. Vol. 1 is a true example of blacksmith notes/drawings made in the shop or at a demonstration. I found a couple of the projects hard to follow but the vast majority are clear and easy to follow. It is interesting to me to see the progression from Vol 1 to Vol 5. Lots of drawings and some pictures. I now have 2 sets, one set in a binder in the shop and one set in the house.
I did a quick check of the Alabama Forge Council web site and they currently only list Vol 1 & 2. I bought my 2nd set of all 5 at John C. Campbell in May so the other 3 vol. might still be available.
If anyone from the AFC reads this and knows how to order all the volumes please post the info.


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Yes, nice to see this here. By sheer coincidence I have here the July-August 2004 issue of "Bituminous bits" and the fall 2006 issue of the Northeast Blacksmiths Association "Fire & Iron" which I brought home today after attending a monthly affiliate meeting of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths Southern Tier chapter.
I have been a member of the Genesee chapter for the past year but today was the first time I had branched out to attend another affiliate. Both are about the same distance from home, 65 miles one way. One north, one south. Both third weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday respectively.
The forgemaster of the Southern Tier chapter had several copies of various newsletters from affiliate groups in several states. Take a couple home, bring them back next month, etc. The Genesee forgemaster has always done the same thing. Benefits all, spreads the knowlege and encourages smiths to join at large, other groups, just for the sake of recieving those newsletters yourself.
"Bituminous Bits" is a standout. I have been reading newsletters from all over the U.S. and all of them are exellent. Those Alabama Gents however, are head and shoulders above the crowd with theirs. It really is a very well put together newsletter and has a large trading post section as well.
I for one am going to join just for the sake of recieving "Bituminous Bits" on a permanent basis right to my own mailbox. Dan:)

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I met the Bama boys at quad state 2 years ago, and joined up right away, they are a really fantastic and dynamic group! I also applied for their at large scholarship, after waiting the perequisite 1 year, and lo and behold, they gave me a scholarship!!! The magazine alone is worth the price of admission!! and the bits are really really cool!

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