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champion forge resto... anyone seen one of these?


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hey all this is my first post, i would say i am humbly familiar with coal smithing, but this little trinket seems to have fallen into my lap and i am trying to learn more about it...post-33504-0-66972400-1361018658_thumb.j


i know it is a champion blower and forge co. complete repair outfit No. 30... but as for what it is worth as a useable forge i am not so sure. I have used a bit of clay to line the pan as it is only 1/4" cast iron, and i am very unfamiliar with side-blast forges. so i dont know quite how to get this puppy cookin', which is mainly why i am posting. it has a 12" x 14" pan. is that even worth trying to work with? everything including the blower runs nice and smooth.


i have all of the original parts including a emery wheel, two blower/drill press/emery wheel crank handles ( one long, one short), one cutoff harty (5/8"), the additional drill press bit holder and base plate, 12/4 to 1 geared crank system, and anvil.


if any one has any ideas or tips for me to get this forge doing work please post a comment.



p.s. i have "restored" this forge a bit, but i just bead blasted it and gave it some fresh paint. hoping to minimize the rust.



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Greetings Dave,


Nice find... Most of the time the cranks and mandrels are missing..  It looks like you found a complete kit..  If you can find a old sears catalog you will find this in it..   I have just the vise portion and have seen many sold at swap meets... If it was mine I would not bother to fire it up because it worth a lot more in its original condition... 600 to 800.     I think Champion tried to make a blacksmith /shopsmith....  Have fun  


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