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BT visits irnsrgn today

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back home again from a whirlwind tour of Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

Guys, NEVER take your wife along to visit Jr.'s shop if you ever intend to expand your shop. The argument that all your tools will not fit in your existing shop will never fly again. Jr. has more STUFF shoehorned into one building than anyone else I have ever seen. Great place to see though, and Jr. is a most accomodating host. He had a fire going when I got there and metal ready to go. I got to play with the Depew and several of his other toys for several hours. I finally started feeling guilty about taking up his time. (Well not too guilty . . . , I was having too much fun :D)

After leaving Jr.'s, we made a quick stop by Indian Cave State park for a look Cheryl McDowell's shop and a visit with her and her assistant.

Then on to Nebraska City, to find a motel for the night. After dinner, we made a side trip on Jr.s recommendation to Sid Sudimeier's place to see all the hammers sitting outside his place. From the 500 lb LG to all the other brands of hammers sitting outside the shop, it is quite a tour in itself. I understand the power hammers displayed inside the shop is even more mind boggling, however being Saturday night, the shop was closed, so that will have to wait for another trip.

Sunday morning it was on to the PBA hammerin at Waverly Nebraska, where I met Tinker Tut, one of the posters on this sight and a bunch of other Nebraska smiths. Very friendly bunch of folks, that I enjoyed visiting with.

We headed west about noon. My wife wanted to tour the Stuhr museum in Grand Island on our way west. There at the museum, I ran into yet another Nebraska smith, Randy Dack, the resident smith at the museum. Another great visit with one of the local smiths. At this point, my wife was wondering it we were actually on vacation or an if this was an extended blacksmithing tour.

Thanks Jr. and all the other Nebraska smiths that I met and visited with for your hospitality.

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