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Thickness stops for forging to size with a power hammer

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Some people call these tools stop blocks.  I like the term thickness stops its more descriptive.  I made these out of 1 3/4" 4140.  I turned them to size on my lathe so they would be precise I went about 10 thou over size to allow for contraction when the part cools. They are hardened and tempered about the same as the dies in the hammer. I did this so they will not get deformed rapidly.  Its sort of overkill but I am doing some work where the customer wants the forgings with in .030 of the specks provided with a forged finish.  What can I say its an odd job.  The tools drop in to a tool holder bolted to the bottom die of my power hammer.  They are locked in with a wedge. I couple blows of a hand hammer and they are locked in tight its just as easy to knock out.  Makes quick work of tooling changes.  I made a set 1/2", 5/8", 7/8", 1" 1-1/4", 1-1/2"  I am sure as time goes on I will make a few more sizes as well.  The use of round stock really simplifies the construction.  I made the swelled hole on the end so they are easily hung on my tooling rack.  They are marked with yellow paint for quick identification. 




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I do it all the time.  The wedge system does not work loose I am very satisfied with it.  It saves a lot of time too.


Good point - I have a lot of saddle tooling but all are secured with a bolt.  However, even with a separate jam nut, the tooling will eventually work loose when hammering.

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