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modified ladder pattern cable damascus


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Yep...we know how time making blades works... you start in the morning, and before long, the boss reminds you that it's time to quit. This is not to be chauvinistic as I do dinner as much as not, but when the phone rings at the shop, I know who it is. At least, that's how it is around here. Time flies when you're having fun.  :)

That being said, I think you're off to a good start on your blades and I appreciate your work in posting your results.

Please keep doing so, and include a finished blade for us to see.

Thanks again,


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ok guys got a few up dates i finallly ground the knife and hand sanded the blade to 600
here are some pics of me slotting the gaurd post-25948-0-49159000-1358032638_thumb.jand here is how i seat the gaurd....block of wood with a 1/2 in hole in it post-25948-0-87838300-1358032706_thumb.jpost-25948-0-74314500-1358032724_thumb.jpost-25948-0-96036600-1358032740_thumb.j
ok guys that is all for now i will be done soon :) oh and also i bought micarta for the handle but when i drilled it the bit found a soft spot and curved and broke:( the bit ended up breaking and the micarta block split in half now i will have to use it on a full tang

john it sounds like you have it figured out,also thanks for the pointers they help!

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Taylor Made

MembePosted 12 January 2013 - 09:46 PM

Looks like you got it going your way! I love damascus! Lots of work but definitely worth it when you see that pattern the first time!


thanks and you are right when you finally get to etch the thing after all the work you have put into it,it is kinda gratifying

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