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Hi, Hello, 'ow do !

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Hi ! Great forum ! Picked up a lot of tips !
I'm a full time fitter/ welder, but enjoy making things that I want to make in my spare time.
Hoping to have my first market stall sale in couple of weeks, trying to decide on a mix of "sell on the day" and "this is what i can make for you" items.
What are your "best sellers" or has anyone got a crystal ball I can borrow ?
Cheers !

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Dave ,
As far as a great sale item, it just needs to be someting you like to make. if YOU like it others will too , fire place tools, BBQ tools, shutter dogs, curtain rods , knives, blacksmith tools, keychains, Thor's Hammers, you name it.
Hope this helps man.


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Dave there is one thing that you oughtn't make as it will drive the customers away in droves and that is a fool of yourself. If you are demonstrating as well as selling, make it look like you are a master at your craft. Wow the onlookers with your skill at making one or two items that you have had heaps of experience at making and avoid trying something new in front of strangers.

A marketing tip I use is to give away an (small) item just made to the member of the family watching that will create the most envy among the others in the family. Works nine times out of ten. :wink:

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Use the Bill Epps' rule for sales.
Lots of things under $20 that look good in a double wide trailer.

Rule #2 the woman controls the wallet. Make it pretty.

Rule #3 Have a few high dollar items for sale. This makes the $20 look very even more reasonalbe in price.

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Thanks for the tips !
I'm not demonstrating, purely a country farmers market, most of the other stalls sell food and drink.
I have made a selection of toasting forks, fire pokers, shepherds crooks and some other small items, hoping to sell at about

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