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Primal/tactical with leather and paracord


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This one was purchased by the brother-in-law of another customer.  He wanted something in short order if I could work it in amongst commissions.  I had a blade already forged out and heat treated, so I took a picture and sent it to him.  
He liked it and said to finish it up and he'd take it.  He had an idea that I hadn't thought of for the handle wrap, combining my more primal construction with my more tactical style.  Rather than two layers of contrasting paracord, he wanted a slab of leather underneath the paracord overlay.  I was game, and I'm happy with the results.  I reckon I'll likely wrap some more handles in this fashion.
The steel is 5160, forged from 3/4" round bar and the leather was a dark brown before it and the paracord was impregnated in Minwax Wood Hardener which makes it look black.  The blade is around 6 1/2" long and shaves hair.  No sheath for this one; he wanted to try his hand at making his own.
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Because it looks like unfinished blade to me.

From what I've seen of stormcrows work he leaves a light forge finish on most of his blades, which some people like, and some people don't. I do believe this is finished, Id be happy to carry one of his blades.

On another note, whats that outter wrap called on this one?
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'Course it's done.  :)  It's been a long time since I've done a satin finished knife and will likely be a long time more before I do another one.


Spots - I call it "ourangoutangwoogieboogiesnoogieoogieickyickptangneewollah", but people look at me weird when I do.  :D


In all seriousness, I saw it on a Mongolian saber handle at a Genghis Khan museum exhibit.  I think it's similar to the Japanese ito wrap but without the twist in the ito.  I'm not sure what any kind of official name would be.

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