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Hello there,


I just got an 800 gram little hammer with OCP Stamped on it. From googling it seems that the man who ran the business died a while back and was from Graham, WA-- not far from where I grew up.  Can you tell me anything about these tools or the company? Did Mr. Sarver import the tools?  How long was the company around? How much were they new? It's a nice swedish hammer. My son and I are beginners, but we do enjoy it. We're just curious, but it it is sort of facinating, especially since the hammer got all the way to VA before we found it.


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Grant's username was "Nakedanvil - Grant Sarver" here on IFI, and "Grant" on Blacksmith.org


I believe Grant imported some hammers at one time.  He imported a fair number of items that he was not able to manufacture himself for whatever reason.  He was pretty up front when he was asked, so perusing his old posts might get you what you want to know...and then some. 



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Well I hate to be the guy to tell you... But Grant didn't build those hammers.... He imported them and sold them through Blacksmith Depot..   There where two styles the Swedish and the Hofi and he only brought in one batch (so there is not that many around)


Not to say its not a fine hammer, just that it wasn't actuality part of his production line....   Almost everything else stamped OCP was made by him in Graham....

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