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I got my Grandfathers blacksmithing tools a while back. I have attempted to do some research on the anvil. I believe (with my limited knowledge) that this is a cast anvil with a hardened plate top but I don't know. I can almost make out "LEWIS" on the side and it's around 100 lb. Not sure about the age I can always remember it being around. Any help ID'ing this anvil would be appreciated. It's probably an ASO and might eventually get a partner but It will always live in my shop.



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If it rings like a church bell when you strike it, it's a wrought-iron body with a hardened steel face plate. If it doesn't ring, it's a cast-iron body with a hardened steel face plate.

You example shows excessive wear on the top, but that's typical of older anvils. Does it have any rebound when you tap it with a hammer?

Often, you can highlight the markings on the side by rubbing chalk or baby powder over the surface.

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