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  1. Get to use one quite often to identify material in and around the power plant I work at. They work well if you do your part and clean the sample as it will give you false readings from any coating or scale on the object being tested. I generally test more than area to ensure the results. Ours will give you ASTM designation, Trade Name, and/or material composition.
  2. I appologize Newbie I will attempt to post some larger images this evening. Swede i find your reply interesting, Ron Reil and Jay Hayes (my burner) both reccomend that all burner tuning be performed outside the forge.
  3. Looked at Reil's images and read some other info that said you should tune at low pressures. This is at around 1.5 - 2 psi. I think it matches a neutral flame but any input would be appreciated.
  4. Doesn't ring well but has decent rebound. Any ideas on the Lewis marking?
  5. I got my Grandfathers blacksmithing tools a while back. I have attempted to do some research on the anvil. I believe (with my limited knowledge) that this is a cast anvil with a hardened plate top but I don't know. I can almost make out "LEWIS" on the side and it's around 100 lb. Not sure about the age I can always remember it being around. Any help ID'ing this anvil would be appreciated. It's probably an ASO and might eventually get a partner but It will always live in my shop.
  6. Finally got started building my first forge. I had an old deer feeder laying around so I repurposed the bucket from the top (wanted a bigger container on it anyways). The particulars are a 2" layer of 2400# kaowool with a 1" working layer to be coated with ITC-100 and 2 Jay Hayes Burners. Jay is a great guy he talked with me for over an hour about forge building and smithing. A couple of questions, what kind of door should be used for the front or just should I just use soft fire brick? Does the back need an open hole for aspiration?
  7. Yes there is. I grew up in Richwood fishing and hunting the Cranberry Backcountry. I love the isolation of the area.
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself. I picked up the bug about a month ago when I got my Grandfathers tools and remembered watching him work. So I cleaned up his anvil, hammers and tongs and started building a bucket forge. So we will see how this goes.
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