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1-piece vs. 2-piece

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Why would one design be better than the other. I have noticed that larger hammers (200# and up, typically steam hammers) are usually two piece while smaller hammers tend to be one piece. Is this just the case to avoid "flex" in the hammer frame, and have the anvil take the blow instead of the frame?

I know that Anyang makes the C41-75 model in both a one piece and two piece. Which would be the better investment and why?

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In theory the two piece takes less pounding on the frame and mechanics due to the anvil not transfering any blow energy, but in reality??
One piece may be easier to sell as to the ease of installation. Nazel 1 piece hammers command a premium (15-25%?) over the two piece counterparts.

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I know for the Nazel they consider a one peice a "light duty" hammer. They made 1,2's and 3's as one peice and I was told that the lower section was alloy steel, not cast iron. The Navy used one peice hammers on ships for obvious reasons. I have owned a 200lb one peice chambersberg self contained, a 300lb one peice chambersberg steam hammer and both a 2B and 3B one peice Nazel... The 4B I am working on now is my first 2 peice hammer. I dont think there is any question that a two peice is more durable but I also dont think in a smaller hammer (anything under 300lbs) that if its well built a single piece frame is a drawback and its certainly less work to get it up and running. I think in the Anyang because they are patterned after the chambersberg the 165 is the limit for the cast iron (they are physical about the same size as a CH2 Chambersberg which actually has a ram weight of 180lbs) I think the reason Nazel got away with the 3B is because of the two peice one peice frame and the lower section being steel rather than cast iron (the two castings are permanently joined by two steel collars that are heat shrunk in place) The one peice 3B's have a ram weight of 230-250 lbs and some of the two peice hammers are considerably more, I have heard up to 330 lbs which is significant given the ram in my 4B is 290 lbs without the die, about 350 with....

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