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A lot of folks really into armormaking use the continental spellings like maille to differentiate from postal mail or armour to differentiate from armor---tanks, etc.

The armourarchive predates IFI a long time though a lot of the earlier stuff was lost in a crash ten? years ago.

I send folks from here over there for armour stuff and send folks from there over here for blacksmithing stuff.

Note that some of the high end armourer's---like Ugo (has done Negroli quality work! http://www.ugoserrano.com/armourphotos.html ) stop by over there just like we have had JPH stop in here. We don't see some of the greats in maille research as much anymore over there as we do at academic conferences and on TV nowadays; but a lot of their early work is still in the archives.

Rater than watering down 2 sites; I prefer to leave each one to their specialties

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