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Yates Mill, NC water wheel


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If you've never seen something like this. It can be a real sight. I wanted some photos on the mechanics underneath but alas the public was encouraged not to visit.
I'm easily captivated by this sort of thing. Could help but think a real practical use for the historic site would be a blacksmith shop. But heck I think the same thing about starbucks.
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The Cedar Creek Grist mill is about 4 miles from where I live in SW Washington. It's approach to powering the mill is a little different as it uses a "turbine" style set up. If you look at the pic of the mill you'll see the flue to the right which goes under the building then the "well" portion in the center underneath the building. The water fills the well. Through the use of adjustable wickets at the bottom which adjusts the RPM, the miller then can set the speed at which the grinding wheel operates.

Fortunately, there's a very dedicated group that operates the mill here and it is open to the public year round with many events. The pic of the fellow running the mill shows some of the interior of the building. It really is a fascination to watch it all in operation.

There used to be a cedar-shake mill and a blacksmith shop associated with the mill back in the early 1900s. I know there was talk of reconstructing them in recent years but nothing has come about as yet.

Exterior Pic: Jodi Trip

Interior Pic: Staff photographer The Columbian



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Here in Lancaster Ohio they have just got done making the first 26" white Oak water wheel to restore the Rock Mill back to operating condition.they said it was the first one made in 100 years, and possibly the last. Cost around $250,000. Willneed a few more years to get the mill up and running. To keep it blacksmithing related they did have a smith in attendance demoing the trade.

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