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I would like to welcome you to IFI.
Here is just one quick formula to becoming a Blacksmith:

1. Add as much interest as you can muster (it will all count).

2. Build your knowledge foundation. Study all you can find about the topic of blacksmithing using: (books, videos, web sites, demos, and hands-on training).

3. Make as many contacts with as many knowledgeable blacksmiths and organizations as you can. Then learn all you can from them.

4. When you feel confident that you have acquired enough information (training) so you can start blacksmithing safely and understand the cost and (use) value of the tools and equipment you will need to acquire, go to step #5.

5. At the least, acquire just enough tools to get started. Heat source, anvil, tongs (or long handled pliers), hammer and slack tub = (bucket of water) to start with.

6. “THEN GET STARTED”. Light that first forge up (gas or solid fuel) and pound some steel.
Now you have become a Blacksmith = “Smiter of the Black”
Good Luck “U” = Horse Shoe.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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