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Trial run straight razor


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Hey all, been awhile since I made my first post and I am finally getting around to making a second one, mostly because of a lack of time. With that being said this is a recently created peice, made from 1095 HCS, a straightblade requested by my father. It has not yet been fully sharpened yet, which I presume to be a formidible task. I had a lot of fun forging this because of the fact I hadnt forged for awhile and it allowed me to get back into things while seeing the progress I have made since first starting, especially on my tapers and post forging file work.
I also ventured out on this one, I tried doing some etching using electrolysis (aka a battery charger and some saline solution). I attemped to etch a makers mark, one which I am still trying to create without stepping on anyones toes( not that I consider myself good enough to do so). For this small blade I etched a small sombrero along with some initials on either side of the tang which I plan to leave bare.post-25193-0-77167300-1344996814_thumb.j
With all that being said I invite critisism and opinions.

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Ever shave with a straight razor?

Some reading, it is based on a particular type of hone, but the information is pretty generic across all honing methods.

It looks nice, but the geometry of the blade is just as important as the quality of the steel, or it won't shave.


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Yes I have indeed shaved with a straight razor (3 years). Last time I shaved was 1994. Used a new in box " Red Imp " for the last year. 2 years prior I used my grandpa's " Twin ". It was last used (prior to me) in 1946.

Honing a razor is a skilled task. It won't take long for you to know if you have things right (tonight). Tomorrow morning the razor may be in different shape on the edge. They are finniky to say the least. I will say however that a shave with one will last. Strapping is one thing, honing is another. The old barbers that used them are almost gone.

Nice work on your project. Hope you get it up and running.

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