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Recently finished a knife

Aden Cassidy

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Tried teaching myself how to forge blades for a few years now and kept on making more because wasn't happy enough with the others or didn't have the tools and materials I wanted or needded to be able to finish them. Harder here to get a lot of stuff in Aus, specially since I just turnedd 19 earlier this year.
Made out of the pins? from train tracks, where it has bent in the middle and one end has a circular hole.
Little kukri style blade, bent slightly back near the handle, Great balance, Good edge, Just made a sheath this afternoon and will sharpen it properly tomorrow.
Also making one out of a file at the moment in a tactical tanto sort of style, tamped the edge, slightly curved blade 18 1/2 cm long. handle about 12 1/2 cm long. Yet to harden or temper as haven't used a file before for a knife blade and am being careful. Bought a grinder linisher and have been grinding away.

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Good start on the knives. In Late October this site will have a knife chat one night a week and we will go over making knives a couple of ways. One will be using real basic tools and the other will be using correct knifemaking tools. Keep and eye on the keeping yoiu informed thread at top of the home page for dates days and times.

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Aden the knife chat Rich Hale is informing you about is right up your alley and I will talk to you about it at the shop this month. The chat will be in the day time over here and you may be at work or Tafe school at the time, however, I beleave details will be posted on IFI for those that can't make the chat times, both Steve and Rich know their stuff and opportunities like this don't come along many times in your life, so sign up.

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Alright then, thanks for that fellas. And will see you at the shop on the 25 & 26 then john.
I have a big hide to use for a few more sheaths, about 10 square foot I think it was for $99 at aussie bush leather when I went in there.

P.S. Will shortly learn how to get the pictures on here right.
Originally from my phone.

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