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first big job - gate

Marek Mrva

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Hello there
my fist big commission, a gate and a cash box for the front hall of a church, is installed so here are the pictures for all of you wonderful guys and gals of this forum. Recently there has been added a stained glass mosaic behind the upper part so i will post pictures with it once i take them. The small thing is where you donate money to the church or pay for papers that are there to take. The money falls through the wall and can be collected from the other side.
After this great job i am once again with out work :)





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wow marek! thats a lot of work - it looks great. i really like your design, particularly the passed through sections and the top bit that looks like/reminds me of rays of sun radiating. the decorative details like the crown make the work really unique - that looks like a lot of work to me! i LOVE the detail of the money box bit, how did you get the patterns on it? i really particularly love the forge work youve done on that its absolutely beautiful - thats a really lovely piece of detail :) thanks for showing the work - hope you get some more commisions on the back of this piece - you should do :)

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