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Torch & Forge Q's

William R Housden

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Hi All,

First off I would like to thank everyone here for all of the excellent info...

As a complete newbie I still have a lot of questions but will start with this one... When mounting the torch/torches into the forge some have said to go in at an angle as straight or vertical will act as a chimney when turned of which makes a lot of sense. Some like to mount into the bottom of the forge. Now what I have always understood is that the tip of the blue cone of the flame is the hottest part, should this part of the flame be directed at your work piece or is the flame to swirl around the ID of the forge thus heating the workpiece placed in the centre ?

I'm at the point of mounting mine and would like a bit more info on the pros and cons of torch mounting to get the best heat to the workpiece.

Oh, i'm using a 35lb propane tank with 2"Kaowool


Will post pics of torch and will have questions regarding my flame as well tonight or tomorrow...

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I build my with a freon tank and 2 inch wool with two burners. I have always prefered to mount my burners at an angle. it seems to
be more efficient at heating the whole forge area. if you have too much space inside the forge or are building less efficient burners,
I could see aiming the burners to the work piece as a benefit.
hope that helps.

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Goodmorning all,

Thanks Ironsmith for your input...

I would like to here a few more thoughts on this and I am including a pic of one of the two torches I will be putting into the 35lb propane tank.

Regarding the flame in the pic, is this a good shape for a flame going into a forge or does it need to be a shorter bushier flame like some that i've seen pics of on here?

The pipe i'm using is 7/8 ID x 11" long with a nozzle 3" long and a 3deg taper, approx 1:12. Jetted with a #60 drill bit...

I would like to here anymore thoughts on previous question and thoughts on the shape of my flame would also be appreciated. I did try a shorter piece ( 8" ) of pipe and got a bit bushier flame.

Thanks Bill



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I'm on the side mount/swirl side of the question for these reasons: Burners inserted vertically have more of a chimney effect issue when you shut down the forge. They can also have more problems re-cycling exhaust back though increasing CO production. Burners inserted from the bottom tend to have more problems with junk falling into them---scale, flux, bits of refractory, etc.

Generally I want a less localized heat on an item in the gas forge, If I want a localized heat I can just use a torch and skip the forge...(or use a solid fuel forge...)

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Thanks Samcro...

Thomas also big thanks to you, you've reenforced some of the thoughts I was having and I will be searching the forums on "re-cycling exhaust" and "CO production" two things I had given no thought too! This is why I love
these forums, collective minds make those of us willing to do a bit of reading make fewer mistakes and have greater successes!!!

Thanks again ... should be heating some Iron in a week or so :)


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