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Kerrihard 30 pound hammer for sale, Albuquerque

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Discovered a guy down the road has a Kerrihard 30 pound power hammer for sale, he mentioned $2000 but I don't know how firm that is. I took a picture. I have no interest in this sale, but will forward his phone number to you via private message. Location is Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know the hammer needs a new motor, otherwise I don't know its condition -- as is obvious from the picture, it is stored in a shed, and non-operational. I don't think the owner ever had it working.



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I could be wrong but to me it looks like that hammer has been cobbled together. shop made parts and maybe parts from another hammer? looks drastically different than the 30lber I picked up last fall and the pictures I've seen of other 30lb kerrihards. Particularily in the ram/guide/spring area. I suppose it could be a older/newer model than I've seen but it just looks off to me.

Do you have a picture from the front of the hammer?

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Hi Thomas,

It has been on the Swaba page for a few weeks now! As far as it being cobbled together -- I have no idea, could be... the dies certainly are out of alignment. I don't have any other pictures, the hammer needs pulled out of where it is -- perhaps some interest will motivate the seller to get better pictures, etc!

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