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Buffalo Forge Co. blower # 210


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Hey guys, am in need of some help, was given a Buffalo Forge Co. blower number 210 and it needs some repairs, does anyone have a parts list and a diagram on how and what is all in it? Thanks

Try contacting Buffalo Machines

Buffalo Machine Tools, Inc. was created in 1997 from the machine tool division of Buffalo Forge. Ownership subsequently went to Buffalo Machines, Inc., who now own the rights to the products of the Buffalo Forge Machine Tool Division.
Contact Information

Buffalo Machines, Inc.
240 Michigan Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 201-1310
(716) 201-1312 Fax

or you could do a search of IForgeIron and read this post


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hey guys new here to the forum my question is does the position between smaller gear box and the larger lower fan box matter mine want turn have taken apart cleaned everything good in other words mine sits like a ( L ) shape not angled down like some pictures I’ve seen it was position like that when I got it the legs fit right under the bottom of small gearbox housing. There is backlash between gears but I don’t see that as stopping it from turning it had a deformed Handle shaft I ground it down flat so set screw would set  against shaft better but it just want turn I don’t know. I see a hole in the triangle section  that holds down larger gear but not threaded so it is suppose to have set screw there I am a loss here will try and get some pictures tomorrow to send anyway got a duck nest  with it want to get it going I’m down here in Georgia and wanted to reach out. Any help or feedback would be fantastic .almost forgot mine has no washers .or snap rings on top or at the bottom of gear shafts? Are there suppose to be?


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Welcome from the Ozark mountains. We won't remember your location once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile and add it there. If you do a search using your favorite search engine like this( buffalo 210 blower site:iforgeiron ) without the brackets you will get a lot of hits to investigate.

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