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Thanks to Brian and Lyle for the class!

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Hey guys , I just had a class with Brian and Lyle, here at my house, and i just wanted to let you guys know
that these guys the best at what they do! and they are house trained too!!!
I did not know the scope of experience Brian had and At first i was looking for some hand hammer experience and some basic techniques, but then Brian saw my Tire hammer we changed direction at once!

Brian is a problem solver and can gear a class to what you need. he worked his butt off making tooling for my hammer
and showing me the similarities of powerhammer work with hand hammering...
I highly recommend him coming over to your shop to help with improving processes and inefficiencies in forging.

Lyle is awesome! he showed me and another person how to do some rings and helped us with making brian's style of horse head.
he also made some tools for me as well!, Just ask and he will do his best to help you out!
the cable knife i got from him is superb! and i look forward to making some myself.

If you haven't checked out his Picasa site for pics you need to! he has amassed a very detailed collection of pictures for forging.
They are on the road now going back to MS. and i am sorry to see them go, wish there was more time to learn from them both!


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There is no doubt in my mind that Brian and Lyle have established themselves as a significant element in the backbone of Blacksmithing history that is still in the making.
The legacy they are leaving by providing an environment for learning the “Solid Fundamentals of Forging Steel” will continue on and on through their students, and their students, students.

I get a great deal of satisfaction in seeing photos, videos, and reading about the results their students experience after they have spent time with them.

Steadfastness, skill, and generosity are some of the words that come to my mind when I hear or think about them.

I wish you the best; you are fortunate because you have trained with the best!
Ted Throckmorton

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They are an incredible team. They were with us (NEB ) in NH last weekend. I had seen them in Memphis two years ago after following the writings on I forge and there is no way to fully explain how much they are willing to help spread the knowledge about forging. Again this time there was so much to watch and write down. Both men are constantly trying to do all they can to make the process as clear as possible. I have some photos from the NH meet I will post in another thread.


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Thanks Jodi, its a lot of fun when you have people that show an interest in learning. If you have any trouble remembering any of the steps feel free to give one of us a call. Hopefully the pics will help also. Here is a link to the pics I took, and some Jodi took as well while we were there. https://picasaweb.google.com/LDWynn/ClassInSouthCarolina?authuser=0&feat=directlink

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It is always good to hear the positive things that come from Lyle and Brian. Since they were with you guys last weekend they could not be with us here in Mississippi for our annual convention. Not to fear though because Lyle's wife did come to our meetings providing more than necessary things for our group. Perhaps it starts as a family thing, I do not know, but their family is nice to have around. Brian's is too, just mentioning...

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