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Sydney blacksmithing day 2012

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Sydney blacksmithing day 2012
Sunday, 24 June 2012
When: 9.00am to 3.30pm

Where: Sydney Heritage Fleet's
'Heritage Shipyard' Gate 4
James Craig Road, Rozelle

A rare opportunity to experience traditional smithing and forging hot steel at a reasonable cost.
All basic skills covered from the fire to the tools heat treatment and welding. Members are
providing forges, anvils and blacksmithing tools.
We will show you:

  • Basic blacksmith’s tools and equipment
  • Managing the forge and the anvil
  • Essential blacksmithing skills

There may be a small charge for materials.

Cost: $20 for financial TTTG members or $40 for non members.

Enrol early to avoid disappointment.
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Andrew sound like a great event, would love to be part of it, but I'm going os for a month the following weekend, can't do everything. Good luck hope the weathers fine and the crowds are plentiful, look forward to reading about the day on IFI.

regards Drewy

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-bringin it back to the top!

We have had some very welcome offers of demonstrator assistance for the 24th of June, i'm in process of cobbling together some sort of timetable to make the most of it.
Stay tuned, feel free to PM me.
Drewy, have fun on your trip, see you at forgemaster's or moonie's?


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Andrew is there a limit on numbers, I have been directing a fair few people to this thread as a way of getting info for this day, on another note, it looks like Will Mag is going to attend, he was going to call you and the Moon is looking at coming too, it may be that we have more pro's than amateurs, thats good means I don't have to do anything. If you need another forge or a gas furnace or anvil to come I can help. Talk to the moon nice he might bring a hammer?


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I think last time we had about 2 doz, with maybe 5 forges and anvils; was just enough. So small portables would be very handy. I reckon about 6 of us kinda knew what we were doing and could guide the others, looks like more this year!
might end up with a beginner to each know-it-all ;)
Gas furnaces and hammers will of course be welcome, we have 415v and lpg , probably a set inside to guarantee rain free.
I tried a PM of tiimetable to you and Corin, dunno if it worked. Also what is big Jim's monika on IFI? he is also threatening to come.

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One week to go.
Looks like we will have a small gas furnace and at least a handful of coke forges on site.
Also i'm expecting a member of the Campbelltown Steam and Machinery Museum who may discuss ideas of a smithy out there.

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Campbelltown, good, I can ask him if my forge is still out there.
I'm going to bring my gas furnace, gas bottle anvil, stand, tools etc plus some stock. As far as I know Bill Mag is still going to come, Monster is not, he has been purloined by the government (I told him to put aluminium foil under his hat but he did'nt). I'll give Moonie the hurry up to see if he was still going to come too. Otherwise see you on sunday.

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Cracking good day, if i may say so myself. About 30 turned up (too busy to count...), two furnaces, 9 anvils, 2 big forges, 1 small. Thanks especially to Jim, Phil and Moony from the forum, great help from the TTTG guys as well.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, thanks for coming.
No photos from me (sorry.. too busy!)

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