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New work from New York


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Howdy guys,
This is my first post on I Forge Iron, so I thought I would share my most recent works. All the knives are hand forged, have some sort of filework, and are double tempered.

A large dagger from O1 roundstock with brass guard and pommel, bamboo handle wrapped in necklace wire.

O1 fighting knife, differentially hardened with brass guard, purpleheart scales, and mosaic pin. It's got a nasty little spike on the end too.

440C friction folder with zebrawood scales, brass fittings, and mosaic pin.

Broken back seax of 440C with brass fittings, ebony scales, and mosaic pin. It was made for a large man, and has the heft of a hatchet.

Reforged file with blacksmith's handle. This piece actually sold to MastersmithS.

Please let me know yall think,

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For the small folder it was a full motor oil quench, and the large broken back got just the edge. I've heard of people doing some crazy sub-zero stuff with stainless, but considering I'm just in a backyard and a small woodworking shop, things are limited.

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