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This is not per-se having to do with smithing, but there is a Survivalist/Prepper get together in Mesa Arizona on May 19th 2012 at the old Commemorative Air Force Museum at Falcon Field, corner of Greenfield and McKellips.
These folks are not the "stowing ammo in caves in the wilderness for when the balloon goes up" nuts but are people who like to be prepared to help themselves and others in case of earthquake, flood, hurricane (ok, we don't get hurricanes in Arizona. But we do get tornados!) Or they just want to be prepared to wait out a long spell of little or no employment (sound familiar?)
Anyway, blacksmithing sort of fits in with the independent nature of preppers.

visit website at

Wait a minute... we did have a hurricane here once. Hurricane Nora hit while I was elk hunting! :unsure:

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in 1905, 95% of Americans had a percentage of their food home grown. 100 years later the statistic flip flopped, now only 5% of Americans provide some of their subsistance. If the trucks stop running, this is a problematic situation, rife with potential for civil disruption and economic chaos. If people can't see this one coming, they have indeed pulled the wool over their eyes.

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Looks like a good gathering. I really like the fact that weaponry isn't highlighted at all. I go see family down there once a year and would think the #1 thing preparedness wise would be "don't live in phoenix" . No offense, it's a swell place. But (almost)no surface water, 3-4 day food supply on the shelves for all those millions and tons 'o' guns.

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Can't argue with that. Been telling myself for a few years that I wanna grow my own. Just seems that it would take up too much time.

Start small. A couple tomato plants a couple cucumber plants and a small lettuce bed. Every little bit we grow ourselves (or buy from local growers) combats the grip big corporate growers have on us. I have been encouraging everyone that will listen to grow a garden.
Happy growing! Bart
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