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I Forge Iron

My first paid gig.

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Neighbor came to me while I was working in the backyard and showed me a metal hook used to unlock the awning on his camper. It was mangled by a lawnmower.

He asked if I could fix it, and added that he would pay me. I assessed the piece and found some heavier round stock and a scrap hammer handle to attached it to.

I brought it to him a few hours later and he was thrilled to have this new tool.

Anyway, it felt good to be paid for my services. Up to this point being a blacksmith has only served me for my tooling needs and a great hobby. My only advertising is the pinging of my anvil.

Just thought I'd share the joy.

Best Regards.

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For most of my younger life, I built hot rods. I sold the car an bought a boat. Both hobbies ended up costing much more than they returned. The car got 12 mpg, factored in the fish cost 10 to 20 dollars a pound. After a little practic, 'smithing accually can pay for itself. It always feels good when people will pay for your work. Keep it up.

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I am lucky up here. I am able to take my hobby of Blacksmithing and turn it into a a paying hobby, sort of. I make things that I can and do sell when I go around to heritage/harvest/founders days. I am also paid to be at these things as it is a draw and I am actually making items on the spot and talking to people about the history of Blacksmithing. It is a great feeling to have someone admire what you are doing, have done, and have out for them to buy.

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Yes, there's no higher compliment than to be sought out and happily paid for your skills. It feels very good. Congratulations.

One tip, a lot of what we deal in is bragging rights you almost never hear someone brag about how little they paid for hand made goods, it's almost always the other way around. I'm not suggesting you charge a friend or neighbor up the kazoo for a tool fix as you describe. The is good will and the pure joy of being able to help someone is great payment in itself.

Frosty The Lucky.

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