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I Forge Iron

Some things I've been working on

Justin Carnecchia

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Hi, so here are a couple things I have been working on. The first is a bowie. Blade is around 9" differntially hardened W-2, ironwwod handle with 416 guard and brass spacer. It has a exuberant hamon with lots of activity. It is a little hard to see in photos because I polished for detail instead of contrast. It is just about done but still needs a littler finishing with the guard and handle.

The second is a hybrid wak, 18" blade. I have just finished polishing, it is a very active hamon. The plan for this is a western style hidden tang handle, although I have not found a piece of wood that is long enough yet.







Hope you like them, any feedback is always appreciated, -Justin

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Justin, very nice work. I think that exuberant describes your Hamon's pretty well. What did you use as your "clay"? It will be interesting to see how you handle the furniture on your wakizashi. Your Bowie turned out very cool!


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Thanks guys, your kind words are appreciated.

Rich, thanks for the lead on a piece of wood, I will look into that.

Robert, The blade on the wak was clayed with satanite, quenched in water. This is the first I've used the satanite, previously I had been using furnace cement,( the kind in the caulking tube). I didn't like the furnace cement because I felt like it was insulating too much. This was making it very hard to get any control over the process, especially with ashi. For a fisrt run with the satanite I am very pleased and believe with a little practice it will do what I want it to.

Thanks again guys, -Justin

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