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Big bunch of bush swords

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This is what kept me occupied for much of January and February. It was the largest order I've had to date: ten bush swords for a custom knife dealer in Hong Kong.

All are forged from 5160 steel, triple normalized, triple hardened in canola oil, and triple tempered. All have integral socket handles with hemp cord handle wraps, cotton cord two-strand Turk's head knots fore-and-aft, and shellac sealer (black for nine of 'em, natural amber for one). All were shaving sharp when shipped.





Blade lengths vary between approximately 12" and approximately 17".

And now I'm working on more for my table at the Blade Show. I aim to have six on the table, as well as my other inventory. We'll see what I can pull off. :D

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Now that's news I LOVE to hear! A craftsman in America making and sending products to China.

Way to go, I'm proud of you as should all America.

Oh yeah, the blades look good, I'd say more but I'm kind of jazzed by the news.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank y'all!

This dealer works with a number of American, European, and South American makers. I was humbled and honored to be included mong them as they are some of the most talented knifemakers in the world. I do enjoy the idea of my work being sold in China. :) Kind of offsets me buying safety glasses and wrenches from Harbor Freight.

The website is www.123mdw.com

The next batch of bush swords will be for the Blade Show in Atlanta. Hopefully some American buyers will also feel like buying my wares. :)

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