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bladesmithing on TV UK


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I am going to blow my own trumpet.....
Ay 8pm sunday eve on channel 4 "Secret of the saxon gold" A time team special. I think this is a rehash of the nat geo saxon gold . there should be a few nice clips of forging a patternwelded seax .(I have not seen the program yet)

At 8pm on monday on Discovery "bloody tales from the tower" should be some axe forging sequences and sword cutting with my friend and modern sword legend Dave Rawlins (again I have not seen this yet)

and if you want some more.....on BBC 4 iplayer How it works episode 2 "Metals" some good forging scenes and decent views of pattern welding (seen this and liked it)

get your pop-corn ready and feel free to throw it at the screen. hope you enjoy them.

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Hi Owen,

I saw the "how it works" one, and thought it was great!! I watched the episode on plastics and that was interesting as well, haven't seen the ceramics episode though. A good series, I've recommended it to the teachers in my department (Design and Technology) at the school where I work, and they are going to try to incorporate into their lesson plans for Resistant Materials. Beats the boring outdated videos they show at the moment!

Well done, the information you gave and demonstrated came across very well. I had some people visiting my forge last week who saw it and were raving about it also!

I saw the advert for this evenings Saxon gold, will get the popcorn ready!!

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