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How to clean a blower


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Well I finaly bought me a chapion forge blower.It elecric and the motor and pully come with it. The blower trurns fine and true no noise when I turned it by hand. And there no wobble in the shaft. It just dirty and needs a paint job My forge is charcoal and wood. so it be pleanty of air. If i soaked the whole the in diesle would that ruin anything. And do i need to take of the top of the blocks to clean of the old crud? I do not want to tak the whole blow apart since it turn and does not rubb. Suggestion please.




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don't put it in diesel. just clean it up with a wire brush or wire wheel and paint and grease. or take it all apart clean it with a wire brush wire wheel or bead blaster, paint it put it back together grease it use it. when using anything but a wire brush becareful with any brass bushings.

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Allringt I will put in my .005 worth.
To clean it up I see no problem with the diesel at all, just pump fresh grease into the bearings until you see all the air pushed out around the seals before you soak it. Then clean it off with Vinegar, Mix vinegar 1 to 1 and water soak rags in this and wrap them around it and they will soften and clean of the rust overnight or maybe a little longer (hat tip to Peacock for that one) Wipe it down with mineral spirits or laquer thinner and paint it a nice dark green, highlight the letters in yellow. or if you have to paint it a color scheme of your choice.

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