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etching pattern welded steel


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i was wondering what would work for this. i've herd that viniger would work. and also some kind of acid from radio shack. i have access to phosphoric acid and i was wondering if that would work. any ideas for something i could use, (preferably inexpencively) would be much appreciated. thanks.

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The radio shack stuff used to be PCB echant but most have quite stockikng it it was diluted Feric Chloride
You can use basically any typoe acid but dilute it as too strong will eat everything not differently on different layers
Try what ever you have and see how it works
When it turns black clean the black off and continue etching

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What I have used: vinegar+salt, hydrochloric, tannic, sulfuric, nitric, ferric chloride, ...

Each one gives a slightly different etch depending on the alloys in the billet and if I wanted typography or not.

May I commend to your attention "The Pattern Welded Blade" James Hrisoulas. You can ILL it from your local public library and it will cover etching in detail by an acknowledged master of the craft. (For all you know I could be Morticia, Thomas' cat sneaking in on the keyboard to lure you astray!)

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