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I Forge Iron

The Grindomatic5000

Sam Salvati

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I have seen various incarnations of this jig but never one like this. I put it together today, some drillin and tappin and bam, Grindomatic5000.

One of the best features of the KMG is the adjustable angle platen, never really though much of that til I worked up this jig. It is just a piece of HEAVY angle iron with some holes I spaced 6" apart, the bolts that go in there are adjustable stops, the blade rests on them while you grind. You center scribe your stock, the angle iron jig sits flat on the work rest, then after you figure out the proper angle for the width of stock you want to use you set the platen and just grind away to your scribe line. Works a charm! I want to do some pieces where it is ground from flat stock, then forge bent to add some curvature, it's quite a handy setup. I see using it also to rough something out then freehand it from there, nice to work off of a precise base.




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