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Wells Bros step vice


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well from the flower garden to my shop i now have a
wells bros step vice
its a bit on the rusty side but its still all there and at 30 bucks i am a happy camper
the big question i have is dose anyone know where the spring up inside the vice is supposed to attach to on i am assuming the peddle at the bottom
it is currently broken but i am hoping i can get things apart and get inside to replace it




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i know there is a adjustable upsetting block that should fit to the teeth on the mane post but dose anyone know what it should look like and how hard would it be to make one
any cutting i have to do will be done with a grinder not much tec for milling but i am game if i can just find out what one should look like

so far the Internet has been less than forthcoming so any hints would be a bit help

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I can't say for sure from the pics but it doesn't look like it had a spring. Looks to me like gravity will draw the mobile jaw down/ open without help from a spring.

A good soak in old oil and a little ATF will solve the rust, I don't like wire wheeling the rust off but that's just me. If you break it down Naval Jelly or CLR will derust it just fine. to make Naval jelly work on heavy rust without priming it black I dilute it some with water and soak the parts, rinse, neutralize with baking soda and oil when dry.

Frosty The Lucky

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thanks frosty
in the second photo you can see the coil spring or at least part of it right inside the gap on the right hand side
i have everything loose and gravity will now open it back up and the jaw swivels freely the only problem is you have to lift the leaver up with your toe so the arm can swing open the only plus side to this is that it lightly holds work for some reason you need to hop around or switch feat the vice stays closed
i am now on the fence about trying to get the spring hooked back up but i would still love to find a photo or add of this thing new to see what the adjustable upsetting block or what ever it was called that ran up and down on those teeth on the inside
i made a cap to go over the shelf out of part of a scraper blade that locks into the the curved wages that are there and now i have a nice little spot to true things up if i need to as i am working

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I have the same brand vise. The spring just hooks on a tab with a hole in it up inside there. Here's one shot where you can see the stop block.


Notice you're missing, unless you're not showing them, the other sets of vise jaws. There are pairs that hold 1/4" round stock through about 3/4" round stock. I had the 3 sets of jaws for about 10 years before I found the vise to go with them. You got a steal! I paid $300 for mine!


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Thankyou so much randy
i can see the stop block and its much longer than i had thought i am hoping to find someone who could cut the channels into a piece of mild steel for me but i am not holding my breath as it stands now i am just going to use it as it is
unfortunately what you see is what i got there was nothing ells in the garden with it
if i luck into some good sized stock i will attempt to make a set to hold round bar as it is on my wish list and these jaws just don't open far enough to be able to slip another set over the top of the existing ones
one quick question of you dose the bolt that the jaw pivots on come out i have managed to free both ends and clean out between the pivot points but it is still locked in there solid
my plan is to just hit it with penetrating oil now and then and give it a tap or 2
as it is everything is moving freely but it would be nice to get it really cleaned out

as to getting the vice in the first place its been on my wish list for 5years or so and i just got lucky and i got a good conversation out of it as well

once more thanks for putting the photos up

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Not only is the stop block long but it also has a bolt and fitting that pull tight against the front of the vise body to hold it in position. All three bolts come out on the vise jaws. One in the back jaw and two on the front one. The back one just has a slot in it, no bolt head. Also that jaw pivots on the bolt. Don't rush loosening them up. A little oil one day, more the next, a lttle tapping, more oil and then work at it. Some times it works to tighten the bolt and then untighten it. Careful as the vise is a casting not a forging so it will break.

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yup i am am in no rush
i have it so i can use it and its more just wanting to treat it right in the long run
i have this horrible thing with the way my mind is wired that right and left get mixed up(part of the fun world of dyslexia) so its a crap shoot for me if i am turning something tighter or loosening it .. as a result i try to be extra careful on things i care about i cant tell you how many bolts i have twisted off and some of them in odd spots on farm equipment

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