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Gidday to all


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Gidday from Melbourne Australia,
I'm new to this Forum. I am 48 years old and started my working life in 1974 as an apprentice Toolmaker. I now work as Chief Draftsman at a Multi national Food industry group. I use and Program using AutoCad 2007 and all our drafting work is done in 3D.
During my training I learned all the basics behind Heat Treatment of Tool-steels and case hardening of Carbon Steel.
In 1994 I took a short course in Jewelery and am very interested in casting in all types of metals from Brass and Aluminium to Sterling Silver and Pewter. I carve my own Wax masters or masters in brass and create Room Temperature Vulcanising moulds for making Lost Wax Castings. I have my own home Lathe with a vertical milling attachment but am very keen to start Forging chunky jewelery and am looking for information on how to melt and cast my own items rather than having a foundry do it for me.
I live in Emerald. Victoria on top of Mount Majestic in the Dandenong ranges surrounded by deep forest.
I have included photos of my favourite wax master and the artwork that I drew that inspired it.
Finally is a Jpeg of my work in the food industry.

Thank you for the opportunity to join your group,
I hope to be able to contribute well.
Kindest Regards to all members
A.K.A. Dunny:D




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Hi Paul,
My name is Larry. I just want to welcome you to the Iforgeiron site If you have been blacksmith you're going to fit right in here. We have young member who's name is Lebtiger, that lives in Melbourne. He also has a new forum site. I would like to share with you. I would also like to welcome you join us tonight for blueprint chat. You can click on chat room from home page.

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G'Day Paul , tis GREAt ta see another AUSSIE online . Emerald ,,, not bad bloke , i's in Wesburn , Upper Yarra Valley ( close ta Warburton ) so youse is about a 6 pack trip from me . Not inta jewelery , but ifin youse tis interested in poundin' iron any time youse is more then welcome to pop up & ave'a " play "

Dale Russell ( the bloke formaly known as ) Chopper

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