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Great looking kitchen knives! What did you use as the guard/bolster material on the top two? I recently forged out a similar blade, and would like to try something other than metal, if possible. That curly maple is really beautiful material. Thanks for posting your work.


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Thanks everyone. The top two are loosely based on a Japanese santoku blade. They normally have a contrasting "guard". I made these from 1/4" black paper micarta, slotted like a regular guard.
They are not my favorite style to make, but I have made a number of them. Started making them as a special request from a chef in Canada, about 8 years ago. Then my wife wanted one and it sort of snow balled.
I make a lot of knives similar to the bottom two. They work well as skinners and in the kitchen.
Again, thanks for the kind words and if you have any questions, just holler.

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Ahhhhh thats pretty nice man. I used minwax tung oil finish on my first knife handle and it worked out ok but I havent put it to use yet so I dont know how it will last. Once again nice work man really beautiful.

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