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Sayha check valve adjustment

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My Sayha SSM50 has a double acting check valve that is positioned vertically behind the front cylinder. The mounting gasket failed causing slow release response to the treadle. Sometimes it would take three or four strokes before the ram would return to the idle position. Replacing the gasket solved the release problem immediatley, but I am not sure of the correct process to adjust the spring tension on the check valves. Currently I have it adjusted so the ram idles normally but the adjustment does not seem to be very sensitive ... does anyone have experience with this adjustment? ... my hammer has the "trim valve" behind the ram ... and it seems to have no effect.
Thank you!!

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Just incase there is a Sayha owner who has similar issues: I backed off the adjustment on the regulaor until the ram stoped moving, then turned it in 1/4 turn ... now the ram intermittantly oscillates ... in this condition the "trimmer" valve can be opened causing the ram to oscillate continually ... as it did when new. So the regulator adjustment is very sensitive and the ball and seat must be clean to work well!
I can now adjust (using the "trimer valve") between slow(er) treadle release and jerkey start at the beginning if adding treadle pressure. If a fast release is desired then a slghlly jerk will be noticed when depressing the treadle ... if a smoth start is desired then about two partial ram stroke are required for the ram to return to the full up position.
An alternative "test" is to start the hammer with the dies touching ... there will be 3 hits before the ram rises to the up position ... as the hammer performed when new.
I hope this helps ...
Another tip, if the compressor stage check valve cover is leaking air, a new (better) gasket can be cut from 1/4 inch thick Neoprene gasket material from your local auto parts store.

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Herb I have the same hammer you do, but have not had this problem. You need to call Bob Alexander. I will pm his phone number to you. He woked with Tom Clark selling these hammers and knows them inside and out. He even end up with the rights to sell them after Tom's passing.

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Another source is Phil Cox. I have the first hammer Tom Clark bought way back when. He and Phil put a cogged belt/pully to teplace the Vbelts and had to add a small squirrel cage fan to cool the ram cylinder. I don't know what brand it is but have been told that it is a 135#er.

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