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After Opinion of an Ebay gas forge


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Hi, I have been looking for a smaller forge for welding knifes,
I don't want to weld in my chip forge as the flux will stick the chips together (they are expensive)

I'm not confident on building the burners myself so looking on eBay I saw this and would like
someone's opinion on it before I buy it,
As I don't want to buy a cow.



postage is steep but I think that price is for the states.

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The second inch of insulation makes a big difference in fuel consumption and temperature. You can build a forge body very easily using sheet metal. Zoellerforge.com offers burner kits at reasonable prices. The hybrid burners Tod linked are among the best there are.

Welcome aboard. Since IFI is represented around the world it helps to put your general location in your profile. There may be someone around the corner willing to help in person.


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That price is better, but the one inch of insulation still concerns me.

Building a forge shell is not a hard thing, fairly thin sheet metal can be used (non-galvanized!), it can be fastened with sheet metal screws or steel pop rivets. Some black pipe with conduit lock rings can be used to hold the burners without welding.

I know that the second inch of insulation is worth the effort, it will make the forge able to run hotter and use less fuel to do so.


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Long long long URL!!!

I have just ordered some ceramic wool and hardener!
going to have a go at building a burner!
the book is quite in-depth

Thanks for your help!

PS I will have 2" of insulation!
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