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New hobbyist here putting together my garage workshop. I picked up this Peter Wright 138# locally over the weekend:
post-23599-0-95767200-1329186976_thumb.j post-23599-0-61771100-1329187107_thumb.j

I doused it with liquid wrench overnight and hit it this evening with a wire hand brush and lightly with a wire cup:

Also bought from the same guy, a 5" leg vise post-23599-0-59053700-1329187493_thumb.j which seems to be in good shape.

Now all I need is to build a forge and find some more free time ;)

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Nice score! I watched that one show up the other morning, then it was gone by the evening. Hoped it was snatched up my someone who would put it to good use.

I saw it on craigslist in the mid-afternoon so I sent email. Then it showed up a few hours later in tailgaiting. I was sure someone would be faster than me, but I lucked out. Seller was a really nice fellow. I looked at the swage block (good shape, someone will get a deal), but since I barely know one end of the tongs from the other decided against buying it too.

What do you suppose the dimple on the heel was caused by?

Don't know. It's about the size of a silver dollar (remember those?), even, and shallow. It really shows up now that it's clean.

Welcome to IFI!

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