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My first knife

Mad Dawg

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Heya Guys,

I finally made my first knife. It's made on a pattern welded billet that I purchased on eBay. I made a couple of mistakes being it's my first time, but I am very happy with it... if it survives the quench I'll be stoked!

You cannot see it in the pic, but the patterning on the blade is very nice... much nicer than I expected. I have some Cocobola scales for it. Still haven't decided on exactly how to finish up the handle, but it's just a couple of small tweaks.

Anyhow, I hope you guys like it... this is my first "non-scrap" project.

I just built an H-press with an air over hydraulic jack for making damascus billets... I dislike buying them made... would prefer to make my own. :)

I hope you guys have a nice day,

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Hello Guys,

Maybe some of you can help me with procurring steel? I called all of the local steel distributors and they all acted like I was speaking another language when I asked for steels for knifemaking. Maybe I am calling the wrong places, so any tips on locating steel sources locally would be appreciated. The phone calls did pay off as I got into a conversation with a gentleman who gave me contact info for a guy who can sell me various grades of high tension elevator cable. Possibly even get scrap for free. I'll see how that goes... any how... any info on buying steel would be appreciated. I am trying to get it locally in Vegas and avoid purchasing it online.


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Well, he did mention that he's in "Vegas." I only know one place commonly referred to as Vegas.

I suggest you get in touch with JPH (Dr. Jim Hrisoulas) on this forum. Dr. Hrisoulas is in Las Vegas. If it's possible to buy blade steels locally, I bet he'll know where.

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