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Any idea on what type of anvil

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Be carful with anvils that have been welded up with Stainless Steel rod for repairs. I have seen many repairs with Stainless that have broken away after just a few years and make even more of a mess of the anvil than it was before the repair. I dont belive the stainless matches the type of tool steel used for the anvil face, so it never seems to stay attached well.

I would maybe look for another one

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Don't forget to tell the seller that the welding DECREASES the value of an anvil compared to selling it with the worn edges!

If it's a good deal, I'd still buy it and deal with the edges as they "weather".

The problem with any weld repair on an anvil is "did the welder do a proper pre-heat and post heat to avoid HAZ cracking?" many seem not to know that the face of an anvil is high carbon steel and the body is a massive heat sink for "auto quenching" welds.

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