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Southwestern fire screen

Frank Turley

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This type of screen is what we usually do for our adobe fireplaces in New Mexico. The fireplaces are called "kiva" but I know not why. They have a curved, beehive shape protruding from the wall. This screen fits about 2" wider than the opening all around. I made a "sandwich" using 3/16" x 1/2" M.S. bent cold with fork and wrench, and continuous level-up. The two frames enclose 1/8" hardware cloth. The client wanted two handles, but often we use just one handle, centered. To get the proper shape, we use a large cardboard with a hole cut in its center. With the cardboard placed over the opening, you reach through with pencil in hand and draw the circumference from the inside. My old mentor, Victor Vera, showed me how he would cut the hardware cloth slightly oversized and when all was riveted together, he would use a small oxy-acetylene tip to burn off the excess. The wires would ball up a little, so there were no sharp projections at the periphery. I did this working outdoors and trying not to inhale the zinc vapors.


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thats really pretty frank, and elegantly made, i love your idea about the cardboard with the hole - i like concrete things like that. a very cool measuring method :) nice how you made it so unfussy and neat, it looks clean and calm. i love it. the fireplace sounds cool too. would like to see it or one like it...

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