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160lb Hercules in Australia

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Quick question for Australian blacksmiths. I've been offered a 160lb Hercules which after a quick look seems to be in good condition. I haven't seen it running but after a three minute inspection it is definitely in good order and looks to have been overhauled before being put in storage. Everything is very clean, no scale or grease/crud buildup, and all the bolts/nuts/splitpins look brand new. It looks self contained with a three phase motor driving a belt setup to power it.

My question is, how much do I offer the vendor considering I don't actually need another big hammer, but I don't want to see it scrapped, and would probably want to move it on fairly shortly? It is local (South Australia) so moving it will only be a matter of loading it on my trailer. Any ideas or offers would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Hood

PS: I'll try attaching a picture but it hasn't worked the last couple of times I've tried.


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the picture is there for all to see.
looks like a nice one, and im sure if you picked it up to save it from scrap, you could offer him scrap prices?
im sure if you got it you would find a buyer who would happily give it a good home, within the next year or so......
not too sure on prices though, the most ive paid is $40!

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