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What is it?


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Ive been calling these hollow mandrels(thats what i was taught) and know that they are used in metal working but what are they called? The large one is 5'( the largest ive seen) and is pexto. The smaller one is 42" .About 2/3 to 3/4 is half round and the rest is larger and flat. They have a groove on the inside that they slide onto a round section that is usually bolted to a forging/ metalworking table.

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Those are tinners mandrels. This should be moved to the tinsmith section.

The bigger ones are for seaming pipe, some have a slot down the top some don't. The flat part on the end goes into a holder mounted on the workbench so you can do a full length of pipe, stove pipe that is.

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Thanks irnsrgn,
Actually these are heavy enough to do a lot of actual blacksmithing( in class we used to use these all the time) and they are great for doing bends:) . My teacher called them hollow mandrels so thats what i learned to call them.

thanks again,

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Hollow ware was the term for sheet goods made into containers.
Yes these are for that side of the business.
The large mandrel is cast iron, and the others are generally cast steel.
you might take the temper out of em, but they are most likely better steel than that which you are forging. some are worth more than others, if ya sell em for what they are for, you might buy some better tools for what you are doing....Whatever.

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I worked in a sheet metal shop for about 8 to 10 years and we had a set of those, along with swage blocks, roll formers, slip rolls, pexto edgers and beading tools, all kinds of tools I just dream about now. Never saw those mandrels used the whole time I was there but we did use some stake tools a bit. There wasn't much call for those mandrels from the 70's on up unless there was some kind of special pipe that was needed otherwise you bought all pipe and most other things of that nature prefab.


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